Go slowly at first. You are far more precious
Than the car you are driving. Don’t be rushed.
Even in a traffic jam, everything has its pace,
And you are just starting. Be as calm as you can be
And learn to laugh at other people’s ways —
Eventually you’ll laugh with compassion.

Go smoothly up the gears but be aware
Sometimes you’ll drop the clutch
And gears will grind and clunk –
Don’t be embarrassed, that’s just life.
The important thing here is to disengage
Because there is always time. Put your foot down
On the clutch, not the accelerator and
If you stall again, take that as part of life as well.

Don’t worry if someone behind you hoots –
Above all, don’t let their rage become yours.
Stop somewhere safe
And share a smile with the sky.

(C) Peter Stewart