Month: January 2023

My book habit

This was made using Sketchwow. The truth is that most of my books are there for reference. I dig them out and look into them when I need them. But it’s relatively few that I read from cover to cover, and even fewer that I read again and again – mostly...

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To hang noodles on the ears

вешать лапшу на уши This is a Russian phrase that means something like “Don’t pull my leg” or “Don’t try to pull the wool over my eyes”. You say it when someone tries to hood wink you and you are wise to them. It might be applicable to a politician who tries to pretend that a disastrous decision (for example, to invade a foreign country and pretend it is a special military operation to contain terrorism) was actually a political...

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Softer than your skin is airThat breathes the night on meThe sky a web as soft as hairI stroke — to touch, to be. Darkness bigger than this acheWhich dark in me is freePin-points of light that takeMine in their wide asymmetry. © Peter...

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