Month: February 2022

Digging Up The Past

The dig was just as she’d said it would be: a hole in the ground. Down the edge of the hill, time slipped like a river, or hung heavily in puddles like an old coat that has been shrugged off. He was uneasy. Somehow, he’d expected more than this. After the excavation, he knew, there would be more to it — monuments on which the eye could fix, markers to orient the eye towards what had been. But there was nothing yet, just the sore on the lush hillside, and the vague scratchings the archaeologists had made, esoteric scribbles on the landscape. “They’re all dope-heads, anyway,” Linda had said, as if in explanation. She was sitting on a small hill a couple of hundred yards from the site, with that weary and isolating look of pregnancy.  “Or alcoholics.” She was due in about a month. Something was growing in her which only she could understand. Her words were esoteric scribbles, hinting at that something. She had that look of being habitually misunderstood. She was talking about human sacrifices, how certain civilisations burnt babies, she forgot who did this but it all seemed pretty pointless to have a baby, then to sacrifice it to gods who you’d invented anyway. “Pregnancy is so awful I just wish it were all over,” she said, it would have been angrily if she’d had...

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Driving Lessons

Go slowly at first. You are far more preciousThan the car you are driving. Don’t be rushed.Even in a traffic jam, everything has its pace,And you are just starting. Be as calm as you can beAnd learn to laugh at other people’s ways –Eventually you’ll laugh with compassion. Go smoothly up the gears but be awareSometimes you’ll drop the clutchAnd gears will grind and clunk –Don’t be embarrassed, that’s just life.The important thing here is to disengageBecause there is always time. Put your foot downOn the clutch, not the accelerator andIf you stall again, take that as part of life as well. Don’t worry if someone behind you hoots –Above all, don’t let their rage become yours.Stop somewhere safeAnd share a smile with the sky. (C) Peter Stewart ...

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About Polyscriptum

Welcome to my Polyscriptum. This website explores different aspects of language, metaphor and writing. I also include examples of my own creative efforts. I run a number of other websites including Coachcreates and Easywheeling. These can be found under the Links section on the footer...

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